Welcome to NOLTEX LLC

Noltex LLC is a subsidiary of Nippon Gohsei (USA) Co. Ltd. Located in La Porte, Texas, NOLTEX produces Nippon Gohsei’s SoarnoL™ product for the North and South American markets. Additional manufacturing facilities for SoarnoL™ are located in Japan and the United Kingdom.

Noltex was formed in June of 1994 and purchased an idled Du Pont EVOH manufacturing facility in La Porte. Noltex began production of SoarnoL™ resin in early 1996 after retrofitting the first of our plant's production lines with Nippon Gohsei technology.

Our plant primarily serves the needs of the North and South American markets, and supplements product needs in Oceania, Asia and Europe. With a total annual production capacity of 23,000 metric tons we have expanded our EVOH product line to include specialty SoarnoL™ grades in order to better meet the increased demand for this unique gas barrier resin.

In addition to a steadily increasing demand in traditional food packaging applications, new markets (such as plastic vehicle fuel tanks, plastic bottles and plastic containers) will also be served by this expanded production capability. Although our plant is already one of the largest of its kind in the world, Noltex is completing an expansion that will add more than 50% to our production capacity.

Noltex continues to expand our capacity, and our horizons, in order to meet the needs of a continually evolving market place and a rapidly changing world.

SoarnoL™ is distributed in North and South America exclusively through Soarus, LLC.