Noltex LLC will become the world quality and performance leader in the EVOH business, being recognized as the preferred supplier, customer and employer and as a valued member of the community.


Noltex will demonstrate excellence in:

  • Safety and Environmental Performance
  • Customer satisfaction by providing quality products and reliable services

Noltex will encourage employees to constantly challenge the status quo to improve our company and will reward individuals and teams based on merit.

Guiding Principles:

Noltex will strive to continually improve every aspect of its business to secure its leadership positions with customers and vendors. Guiding principles to be embraced by its employees include:

Customer Satisfaction

NOLTEX stays ahead of market trends to be recognized as the most valuable business partner by its customers, providing value that meets and/or exceeds customer requirements and expectations.


Cooperation and support based on shared knowledge and competence among employees is the cornerstone of successful business.

Continual Improvement

NOLTEX is dedicated to continual improvement of work processes, products, and services to achieve excellence in our business.

Noltex' President Signature