SoarnoL™ (EVOH)

Noltex is the North American manufacturer of Soarnol™, a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl alcohol. Noltex produces a variety of grades of EVOH to fit the widest array of commercial applications. Standard grades have an ethylene content ranging from 29% to 44%. Noltex also produces a variety of specialty grades of EVOH.

Soarnol™ is distributed in North and South America by our sister company, Soarus, LLC.  In Europe our product is sold through Nippon Gohsei Europe GmbH.  For the rest of the world, our product is sold through Nippon Gohsei.

What is SoarnoL™ (EVOH)?

SoarnoL™ (EVOH), is a trade name of Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer (EVOH) originally developed by NIPPON GOHSEI through years of research. SoarnoL™ (EVOH) is mainly composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, has no toxic gases when burned, and its combustion heat is only half that of polyethylene, causing little harm to the environment. Soarnol™ is used in a variety of applications such as food packaging, fuel tanks, films and coatings.

For more information on Soarnol™ and its applications please contact:

In the Americas:

3930 Ventura Drive Suite 300
Arlington Heights, IL 60004 USA
TEL: +1-847-255-1211
FAX: +1-847-255-4343

In Europe:

Nippon Gohsei Europe GmbH
Merowingerplatz, 1a, D-40225
Dusseldorf, Germany
Life Science Center

In Asia and the rest of the world:

Nippon Gohsei
Osaka Fukoku Seimei Building
2-4, Komatsubara-cho, Kita-ku,
Osaka 530-0018, Japan

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